About Origenere

Origenere Doctors

Who We Are

  • ORIGENERE® was started 9 years ago by a team of medical doctors with years of clinical expertise in hair transplantation and skin problems
  • Our product line was developed for use in our own clinics for our own patients
  • Research for innovative new products is done in our own state of the art Genomics and Stem Cell Research facility
  • We are committed to developing products with the best of the medical sciences combined with the best of nature

Our Goals

  • To provide safe and highly effective solutions for common hair and skin problems
  • To provide products that do not harm the client or our environment
  • To combine pure natural botanicals with safe scientifically enhanced ingredients
  • To stand at the forefront of the haircare and skincare industries by delivering exceptional results
  • Commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity



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