What are OrganoNutrients™?

Origenere Doctors

OrganoNutrients™ are a unique formulation of superior natural botanicals, scientifically enhanced nutrients, and bioactives specially selected by Dr. Antonio Armani because of their active properties and benefits to human hair and skin.

Each ORIGENERE® cosmetic product utilizes specific hair-targeted and skin-targeted OrganoNutrient™ formulations. They act in conjunction to achieve real results, without any of the damaging factors contained in the formulations of many cosmetics that adversely affect the look of hair and skin.

OrganoNutrient™ formulas do not contain parabens, methylisothiazolinones, methylchloroisothiazolinones, sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphates, hydroquinone, or any mercury based compounds. Only natural, safe preservatives are used. Our products are fragrance free and color pigment free.

OrganoNutrient™ are pure, clean, nourishing and safe, effectively enhancing the natural beauty of the hair and skin.


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